They say "The fun is in getting there..."

As per usual I was running late but by 11am I had finally got the car packed and was ready to start the trip to Phillip Island. Leaving from Oberon, this was going to be a long trip, especially driving the 1934 Packard

The plan was to meet up with other fellow Packard members at Goulburn and convoy down to Glen Rowan that night as our overnight stop.

Everything went well, for the first kilometre thatt was when I heard a hissing noise. Yes, it was a flat tyre. Not the best way to begin a week long trip. 

Almost an hour later I had changed the tyre and returned home to get another spare just incase…

Back on the road again, things were going fine, even though I had no chance of meeting anyone at Goulburn I was still planing on making it to Glenrowan that night.

Just after Goulburn though, I got another flat. This time on the opposite side I changed earlier that day. So off with another tyre and on with another spare and after this 30 minute delay I was back on the road again.

I was travelling well and was only an hour from Glenrowan when the sun decided to set. Usually this wouldn't be an issue except for the fact the battery wasn't charging.

I was fortunate that aa lovely couple followed me the final distance to Glenrowan and they provided light for me. I also had a 12volt LED light attached to the front bumper of the car.

I finally arrived around 8:30 safely and relieved. With McDonalds for dinner it wasn't long and I was ready for bed.


Some of the other cars on convoy

  I finally arrived with the assistance of a LED light  



On to Phillip Island. Today I woke up around 7am. Prepared the car ready for todays trip. Hopefully I would have better luck today than yesterday. Today would be a short drive of about 300kms. The group split up and a few of us decided to go visit a fellow Packard member who has a beautifully restored 2nd Series Six roadster. This was meant to be a easy drive and would have been if it wasn't for the fact I had run out of petrol along the way.

After eventually getting some fuel we arrived at our final destination Philip Island Ramada restart around 5:30. The rest of the night was spent mingling with old friends and meeting new people.


packard rally packard rally  
Early morning at Glen Rowan Some of the Packards at Phillip Island  
packard rally packard rally  
Some of the Packards at Phillip Island Some of the Packards at Phillip Island  


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