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1922/3 First Series Packard Single Six Sport Tourer


Owner: David McCredie

Technical details:

Packard body type: 224

Wheelbase: 126”

Engine capacity: 268.4 Cu Inches ( 4.4Litres)

Cylinders: 6 – 3/38” bore x 5” stroke

Number of main bearings: 7

Weight 3365 lbs - 1526 kgs



Technical details:

Packard body type: 352

Wheelbase: 133”

Engine capacity: 320 Cu Inches (5.3Litres)

Cylinders: 8 – 3 3/16” bore x 5” stroke

Number of main bearings: 9

Weight 4125 lbs - 1871 kgs


1926 426 Packard Sedan


1926 6 cyl Packard Sedan, known as Mr. P,

Owners: Robert & Yvonne Davis

Technical details:

Original Sale Price: $2,585

Total Production: 14, 401

Production run: 2nd August 1926 - 1st July 1927


1930 726 Packard Sedan


Technical details:

Packard body number: 404

Wheelbase: 134.5”

Engine capacity: 320 Cu Inches (5.3Litres)

Original Sale Price: $2,675

1930 Packard Victoria

Owner: Evan Quarmbu

Description: It is complete down to the original ignition keys, radiator mascot and cigar lighters.  It is a six wheel exuipped model with every available optional extra for 1930 including trunk rack and trunk, trouble lamp, twin rear vision mirrors, twin horns, radiator shield and trippe lamps.  It is left hand drive and obviously must have been imported many years ago.

1933 1004 5 Passenger Coupe

Owner: Barry Smith

Series: 10th

Total Production: 4,800

This beautiful Packard is sometimes refered to as a victoria coupe, the correct teeminology is a 5 passenger sedan.


1934 Packard 1100 Sedan

Owner: Mathew Rattray


Packard body number: 703

Wheelbase: 128”

Total number of vehicles produced: 8000

Series: 11th

This vehicle was purchased in August 2004, restored by previous owner it took 12 years to fully restore. This vehicle was once owned By the Endeavour Motor Musuem

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