Please note: Members may have deceased, or no longer own the vehicles listed:

The information was kindly provided by Mr. Neville Fisher -

The information about each vehicle was written at time at which the image was taken

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25 - 8 - M.hOOD

1925 Packard 8 - Owned By Max Hood

28-7_pass limo-Jim_Ellis-s

1928 7 passenger limo - Owned by Jim Ellis

29 J.Ellis

Another 1928 7 passenger limo - Owned by Jim Ellis

28Drop head_coupe_Peter_McWilliam_Darrel_Canthorne

1928 Drop head coupe: Owned by Peter McWilliam then sold to Darrel Canthorne


1929 640 Owned by: BrianBelcher N.Z.

29-640_Custom_D.Cowl_Ross Calton_Greens_F.Illich-s

19 29-640 Custom Dual Cowl

Owned by: Ross Calton, then Greens, followed by F.Illich


1929 633 Sedan Owned by: Bill Maybur


1929 Standard 8 Owned by: Kevin Liddy


1929 Club Owned by: Chris Alabach


1930 Roadster Owned by: Tony_Hewitt

31–7pass-Super8–Peter.Mcwilliams–Kevin Liddy–Andrew_Lidden

31–7pass-Super8–Peter.Mcwilliams–Kevin Liddy–Andrew_Lidden-s

32 Packard

1932 12cyl Sedan Max Hood


1933 1001-8 5 pass sedan Les Fisher

33_1001–9_5_pass sedan–Neville_Fisher

33_1001–9 5 pass sedan Owned by:Neville_Fisher


1934 1102-7 pass limo: Owned by: John Lucas


34_CoupeUnrestored-Max Hood

1934 Coupe Unrestored Owned by: Max Hood

34 Coupe restored Owned by: Max Hood

1934 Coupe Restored Owned by: Max Hood

34_FORMAL_sedan_ LHD--John_King

1934 formal sedan LHD, Owned by: John King


1934 twin 6 Owned by: Jim David


1935 7 passenger sedan: Owned by: Max Hood


1935 STD 8, Owned by: K.Andrews

36 packard

1936 14th Series Owned by: Graeme Ashmore

36-120B-Norm_ Chappel

1936 120B Owned by: Norm Chappel

16 -1 Packard

36 coupe: Owned by: N.Fisher