This vehicle is a rare car with only 500 of these models built in 1955. This caribbean is #6th produced. 5588-1006. There is supposably another model in Australia but besides this vehicle no other known 1955 Caribbean models are in Australia.

The vehicle consists of many modern features, such as power steering, electric windows, electric seats, electric roof, 'power' brakes and torsion level suspension which were all standard equiipment and sold for around $5900 in 1955. This was more than double the price of a Chevrolet Corvette.

The power plant is a Packard built 352 cui v8 engine. This was the first year for the Packard V8. The original engine came with twin 4 barrel rochester carburettors producing 275hp. This engine has been replaced with a 1956 factory 374 cui v8 which produces 310hp.

This 1955 Packard Caribbean was imported into Australia in 2008. The vehicle was at the time a good daily driver. The history of the vehicle is very sketchy. The vehicle spent some of its life in Denver Coloado, (noted from a marking on the driveshaft with the company name and stamped date).

Besides this no other history of the vehicle is know. The vehicle was purchased in 2004 by a guy in California & then sold to another gentleman in Sacramento.

The vehicle was cosmetically restored in the United States most likely within 10 years of my purchase. I saw the vehicle on ebay in 2008. After going for a ride in a friends 1956 Packard 400 I decided to get a 'modern' Packard with its ease of driving. After the vehicle arrived in Australia I drove the vehicle quite regulary for about a year,

Unfortuantly I had experienced problems with treadle vac braking system and after having the unit rebuilt I experienced trouble with it again a short while later and the brakes failed while descanting down a hill.

There was quite a bit of damage to the front end of the car. With one thing leading to another the decision was made to do a restoration of the vehicle. The car received an engine rebuilds, new braking system, new paint, rechromed trim and tidied up the interior.

All this work took just over three years to complete and was 'finished' in November 2012, since this time there have been a number of things which have required additional work. This is a beautiful vehicle to drive, With the restoration complete I am looking forward to spending many many hours of enjoyment driving this car.



55Packard 55packard3 55Packard 55 packard
Circa 1990's circa 1990's Paint stripped ready for repaint in California Repainting

55 pac

55Packard 55Packard
Repainting Damaged after brakes failed in Australia Engine removal Prep work for respray
55Packard 55Packard 55Packard 55Packard
More prep work Ready for respray After respray After respry
packard 55 packard 55 55 pac
Dash Removal Replated Dash installed Back at the workshop Newly rebuilt engine
55packard2 55Packard 55Packard 55Packard
Engine going back in Front fenders on and grill assembly ready to install Rear seat installed Front seat installed
grill 55 complete 55 complete  
Rchromed front Grill First test drive Back home :)