I guess many people can remember buying their first car, well… I can.

In August 2004 I bought my first car, a 1934 Packard at the age of 16. After searching for a classic car for many months it was by chance I came across Packard automobiles. At the time like many people of my age I didn’t know what a Packard was. It was after reading an article written by Peter Toet published in Restored Cars that my Passion for Packards began

Whilst searching classified regularly I came across an 11th series Packard for sale which was locatea 30 minute drive from where I lived. I convinced my parents to going for a drive to see the car. After seeing the car I knew that was the car I had been looking for.

On Tuesday 12th August, I picked up the car and my father drove it home,
The next day I took the car down to Mittagong, only to break down at Campbelltown (stuck solinoid) , so off she went on the back of a tow-truck  which was not a good sight (as any Packard owner would know)

Whilst getting the car repaired I began tracing the history of the car, which proved an exciting challenge, and along the way I was able to talk with and meet quite a few nice and interesting people.

So far the history goes as follows,

In 1934 the Packard was shipped to Australia and sold by Kellow-Faulkner Dealers in Melbourne who were dealers in Packard, Rolls Royce, Bently and other luxury marques of that era. From the Kellow-Faulkiner records they indicate the car was sold to Me. Brown. Unfortunately the car was in an accident early in its life and had to get a new engine, it was replaced with a 1935 Packard motor.

The car had many owners over the year. The earliest known owner (besides Mr.Brown) is Dr. Brotchie, who sold the car to the well known car collector Jaques Hochstatz. Over the next couple of years the vehicle was supposedly displayed in two known museums. The Greens Motorcade at Leppington and the Endeavour Motor Museum.


After the closing of the Endeavour Motor Museum in 1974 at the final auction the vhicle sold to Mrs Tweedie. When the time came it was sold to Mr Bruce Ross who only owned it for a short time before it was sold tto Harvey Claypole,  After speaking to Harvey Claypole he informed me that he owned it for  4–5 years before selling it to Alan Maunsell

After passing the hand of Alan Maunsell, the car was sold to Bill Davies, who had spent over twelve years on the restoration. The car was completed in 1997 as it was an attendee at the 1997 National Packard Rally at Orange

Now I am the proud owner and enjoy driving the car when and wherever possible and plan to attend more events in the coming years.

1934 Packard

1100 Sedan

34 restored