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1939 Six Four Door Touring Sedan I282-I7095 with overdrive. Restored to original condition and colour, re-upholstered to original leather.

Chrome and mechanical work still required for registration although previously registered with the Vintage Car Club.

Located at Jervis Bay. $16,000.00 ONO.

For further information please contact Garry – 0412 880 428 or email Garry

39-6 39-6 1938-6


1927 Packard Speedster 5.8L Straight 8

It is built up with a 1929 6th series 126"WB chassie and has been modified
to take the big eight 3rd series crank case and a 2nd series block head and
manifold .This is similar to what was used to build the colonel Vincent
speedster in 1928 which clocked 125 mph.
The gear box is a 5th series with a single plate clutch.
The motor is not running and will need a total rebuild.

Contact Jim Ellis or phone: 0412 968 194 for more details

Packard Speedster Packard Speedster Packard Speedster
Speedster packard speedster speecdster
Speedster Speedster Speedster



1937 Packard SPORTS COUPE, 6 CYL

Total mechanical and body restoration - 1937 115c SPORTS COUPE. Restored by present owners, this car has been reliable and easy to drive car to numerous rallies including attending two Bay to Birdwood rallies in Adelaide making the trip from Sydney and returning without problems. Mainly driven by club member Wendy Smallwood.
This car was carefully restored by the late Neville Fisher and son Les and has been maintained to a high standard since initial restoration. It is well known to Packard club members.
The car is reluctantly being sold to make way for another restoration project.

Price reduced $39,500
Richard Smallwood 0418 491 441

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1939 Packard 110 Covertible,6 CYL

Full engine rebuild by present owners and sporting excellent body condition this car goes very well. It has also has had a new hood and upholstery installed. Fully road registered a great car to enjoy motoring on the weekends. It attended the 2011 Bay to Birdwood rally in Adelaide travelling from and back to Sydney.
Also part of sale program to make way for new restoration project.

Price reduced $39,750
Richard Smallwood 0418 491 441


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1928 Packard Straight 8

Road registered till 24th OCT 2011 , the car is road worthy

The vehiclestill has the original leather seats and a spare diff plus some suspension parts and new 6 volt battery
In good condition very original.

Any genuine offers will be considered. ( Willing to sell to a good home.)

Contact: Chris O'Connor

MOB: 0428 124 773
PH: (03) 5482 3061
FAX: (03) 5480 1799
Email: Chris O'Connor




Parts For Sale

The black & white photos are factory photos purchased from the "John Conde"

There are 47 photos in the folder, covers seniors and some juniors of the
mid 30's, exterior and interior shots.
We wish to sell this as the complete set not split up, at a price of $10 per
photo we are asking $470 for the set.

The Sales and Publicity brochures we would also prefer to sell as the
complete set.

Large "Packard For 1937", $135.
Small "Packard For 1937", $85.
"First" view, Packard 120, $100.
"Packard One Twenty", $100.
"The PACKARD one-twenty", $140.
"Packard cuts itself a piece of cake" $60.

These are the prices that were paid for items from a brochure dealer so he
is only trying to recoup his money.

Photos $470 for the lot plus package and postage.

Brochures $620 for the lot plus package and postage.

Contact Peter Hall

packard-brochuresale packardphotosales



1949 Packard Chassis, 8 Cyl motor & running gear

Complete with dashboard, instruments, engine tray, frontguards, bumper bars & lights. The lot $3,500 Will lend tyres for transport if required

Contact: Les Fisher for details on condition. Please leave a message on 0435 014 344 and I will get back to you.



1948 & 1951 Packard Salesman films now DVD. $35 includes postage within Australia

These films have been converted from 16mm films & transcription records. The films cover 1948 & 1951 (24th series) Packards. These films were given to Dealers to present to their staff on how to sell a Packard.

The films cover:

* The features of the new cars

* Methods of selling cars

* How to provide after sales service

* Technical films, ex: how the gearbox and overdrive operate.

There are 22 films on 2 DVD's in total with over 7 hours of entertainment.


The films:

DVD 1:1948

1. On The Line 2. Million Dollar Chassis 3.Custom Designed 4.Three of the Finest 5.The Little Giants 6.The Second Chance 7.The Dragnet 8.The Nimble Young Man 9.Whatcha Gonna Give Me 10. Yours For A Lifetime 

DVD 2: 1948 & 1951

1.The Packard Story 2. 54th Series Pt 1 3. 54th Series Pt 2 3. 54th Series Pt 2 4.Demonstrate with a Plan 5. Selling Service 6.Getting New Customers 7.Keeping Customers 8.Transmission 9.Overdrive 10.Pre Inspection 11.This Is Your Day

The quality of these films range from good - great. A snippet of one of the films:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av2aVmZFNyw - This is a 10 minute snippet rarely seen film converted from dealership training films describing the features of the 24th Series Packard. (note: Audio has been improved since this was posted)

  $25 - Includes postage within Australia.

Contact Mathew Rattray on 0430 028 820 or via email: Mathew Rattray




1948 Packard 8 engine

1 Complete engine, cast date 8-13-48, Eng No. G251303D.
Engine turns over has oil pressure on starter, supposedly in working condition.

Photos available if anyone is interested

$800 o.n.o

Anyone interested to contact Peter Hall on 0434 099 777 or 08 82779786 or via email: Peter Hall for more information.

ALSO AVAILABLE Second Hand Parts for 46, 47, 48 Packard

1 O/Drive gearbox, complete with solenoid etc. condition unknown

1 Complete set of gear selector rods as removed from a car

2 Exhaust inlet manifolds c/w carter carbies, for 8 cyl.

2 Water pumps 8 Pistons and rods

2 Autolite distributors c/w caps etc

1 Fuel/ vacuum pump

1 Fuel pump

1 Oil pump

3 Regulators, Delco

1 Flywheel

1 Head 8 cyl cast 389721288 38 stud with 10mm plugs

1 Head 8 cyl H.C. 29 stud with 10mm plugs

1 Starter, Delco

1 Starter, Delco in pieces

2 Sumps dented and rusty but salvagable

1 Front engine mount bracket

2 Generators in pieces

Bronze Castings for 35 V12 Fuel pump top including float bowl top,

(unmachined) Bottom radiator outlet Top radiator inlet Radiator top filler, takes radiator cap, (unmachined) Water pump impellors, (machined)

Anyone interested to contact Peter Hall on 0434 099 777 or 08 82779786 or via email: Peter Hall for more information.


Set of 8 unused 352CUI V8 Pistons

purchased from Egge machinery co.

These have never been used

$300 plus shipping

Contact: Mathew Rattray on 0430-028-820 or email: Mathew Rattray