1955 Caribbean Owned by Mathew Rattray

I bought my first Packard at the age of 16. My passion for these cars has continued and in May 2008 I bought another Packard. Noel Shorter once said “Mat, You’ll end up owning more than one Packard” Guess what, he was right. After doing a big-end bearing in the 1934 Packard I had the car taken to Springwood to be repaired. Russell James who is also a Packard member had recently (back then) imported a 1956 400. I spent a bit of time with Russell and his family and his 56 Packard. This sparked my interest in the later model Packard cars. After seeing how smooth the car drove and the ease of steering I decided that a later model Packard may be a great idea for long journeys. We began looking on the Internet (usually getting in trouble from Joanne for staying on the eBay too long). Whilst looking on eBay I came across a few cars but they weren’t quite what I was looking for. Then I noticed a 1955 Packard Caribbean for sale, the price was reasonable, the vehicle is by no means a concourse vehicle, it needs work here and there though
that’s half the fun.

I bought the car on the 22nd May 2008. The vehicle arrived in Australia late August and with a bit of work on the front suspension and replacing rubbers we got the car registered
in late November. I have been driving the car and really enjoy driving it though the car is still LHD I found it very easy to get used to With a bit more work the car will provide me, like the 34 Packard, with hours and hours of enjoyment and hopefully you will see these cars at more and more events.

1955 Caribbean