1952 200 2562 Deluxe Sedan owned by Jeff & Margaret Clarkson

Margaret boasts that she learnt to drive in a Packard! Her brother David, still owns a ‘53 Clipper that she drove at one stage when learning to drive. Another brother, Michael, has two ‘51 Packards and would have also had this ‘52 if I did not buy it from him in 1980.

That was the beginning of this car’s history and my interest in Packards. Michael found the car in Ryde where it was parked in a driveway for some time. It was in that driveway for so long it had actually sank into the ground. This explained the surprises I encountered when I commenced
a body-off restoration in 2000. I had the body acid dipped to find holes in the body bigger than dinner plates! Restoration proceeded as money and time permitted. Fortunately the car was complete, so restoration meant restoring the original parts and this helped me restore it to
authentic condition. It was completed in December 2006 after which followed an extensive sorting out period. The car attended the last National Rally in Toowoomba and has been on numerous Packard outings and events such as the 2008 Wagga Wagga Veteran and Vintage Car Rally
where it won the trophy for the “Best ‘50s Car”. It has also won numerous trophies at other events. Margaret and I are looking forward to the Southern Highlands Rally and sharing stories and good times with our fellow Packard owners.

1951 200