1948 Model 2201 Sedan Owned by: Bill & Pam Brien

Our 1948 sedan came to us toward the end of 1991. It was purchased from the estate of a Yarrawonga farmer. Until the Toowoomba rally we believed that the farmer’s daughter had had the car renovated near to his home in Yarrawonga. We think now that the car was renovated earlier in Melbourne and then bought by the farmer. From whatever background our Packard has proved to be a reliable companion taking us on most club outings and rallies.

Over the past 17 years, most mechanicals of the car have been reconditioned, but unfinished engine work kept it away from the Toowoomba rally, so it is rearing to go to Mittagong.
We are looking forward to the Southern Highlands rally to reacquaint ourselves with the Packardians and their wonderful Packards.