1941 120 1495 Club Coupe Owned by Mal & Kath Harris

In May 2007 I found PACA and through President, Barry Brown was pointed in the direction of Peter Peters and bought his ‘38 Eight Sedan. By doing so, what had been a simmering interest became a superheated enthusiasm in Packards! And I couldn’t stop at one, started chasing ‘38 Coupes in the US with the idea of having a pair of ‘38’s. That didn’t work out, but in my searches found the ’41 Coupe on eBay located in Idaho. Seemed to be in pretty good shape and won it for US$15,000.00.

Three weeks later, on a Friday in July, retired after working for 42 years with the one organisation. Then flew to the US the following Monday to inspect and pay for the Coupe. Had it trailered from Idaho to California, by a US couple who do this for a living, and they assured me security on the trip would be no problem as Mr Smith & Wesson were accompanying them! I also took the opportunity to have a holiday while in the US and on the way back to Australia I visited the Coupe again in Orange California it having arrived safely from Idaho. And after crossing the Pacific it eventually arrived in my driveway in late September.

At the beginning of December the Coupe went to “Wades Shed” for what was expected to be about a 2 to 3 month stay while it was readied for road use again. What started as a 3 month stay eventually stretched to 13 months for many reasons and I can only thank Wade Hawker for the time, effort, patience and good humour in working on the Coupe for and with me. Without Wade I would have been lost and wouldn’t be at the 2009 Packard Rally without him, a true Packard gentleman.

To see the full story of the restoration and the major part Wade played in it, type the following link to my Project Blog into your browser. http://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=319&forum=10