Bruce first became aware of this car in the 1990’s when itwas spotted by a friend on a Lightening Ridge run. After 2 years of negotiations Bruce was able to persuade the owner to sell and arrangements were made to collect the prize.

Bruce and 2 mates set off with the appropriate trailers to make the retrieval but the trip had to be aborted as the North Western rivers were in flood. The owner was stranded in Forbes and the recovery team had to make a number of headlight deep water crossings.

The second trip was successful, although it rained enough to make the dirt roads a bit slippery.
Bruce has since restored the car with professional assistance over a 10 year period. The restoration was not without set backs, including the need to have the interior body restoration completely redone and the unfortunate loss of a considerable number of hard to replace parts. Bruce persisted and completed the restoration to the highest standard with many new or custom machined parts
sourced from the USA. As a result Bruce is now the proud wner of this magnificent classic car.