1937 Super Eight Club Sedan owned by Wade & Gina Hawker

Hawker’s “Big Red”, a 1937 Super Eight Club Sedan, bought with 28,000 miles on the clock, and in 2 years have ratcheted up an extra 11,000 miles. Great original vehicle except the addition of the vase and Wade’s mechanical adjustments at “Wade’s Shed”. “Mechanical adjustments” now there’s a euphemism! What it really means is fixing over 40 years of mechanical degradation from sitting in a museum, with little use. Since that time, seals and other components have perished or failed after being subject to normal usage.

Some in the USA expressed alarm and consternation when, in Gina’s photo of crossing the Hay Plain on a trip to Adelaide, they saw 70 mph indicated on the speedo! Wade’s “meant to be driven philosophy” explains the usage achieved while his obvious “lead Foot” explains the velocity

1937 120