1937 120 Owned By John & Marg Mulligan

My grandfather had a 1935, 120 six wheel equipped Packard and from 1948 on I used to drive him about in it. The car had done about 250,000 miles when it was passed on to me. All these miles were on dust and bush roads.

Time passed and being young with a busy job and a young family and little time to restore the old car I eventually sold it. As the years went by I regretted selling the old car so I started to look around for one.

I eventually found a 1937, 120 in Fred Dosser’s shed. Fred had bought the car with a restoration project started but he had not had time to do anything with it. So I purchased it and proudly took it home but alas the work the earlier owner had done was very amateurish skilfully covered by

The engine turned out to be a 1938 engine with a 1935 overdrive partially fitted. So, it was a major body off full mechanical rebuild and a lot of body-work before final painting. Full interior etc. I was fortunate to have a good mechanic and friend Brian Wadley who with a lot of advice and assistance from the late Garry Rogers got the mechanical side right. We had a lot of
assistance and advice from club members also and many thanks to Fred Dosser who was most helpful in finding bits and pieces.

We now hope to have many enjoyable and trouble free journeys ahead.
1937 120