1935 Senior 1200 5 Passenger Town Car owned by Barry & Pam Brown

My vehicle was a factory built right hand drive export for the
Australian market.

Some time after its arrival it was purchased by a Mr.
Douglas Lanceley M.D. of North Sydney Brick and Tile
Company at St Leonards, the present site of the Royal North
Shore hospital. Following his death it was purchased by Mr.
Catt M.D. of Catt & Goldsmith Timber Co. at Strathfield.
Mr Catt apparently developed sugar diabetes and had one
leg amputated. His daughter Mrs Bennett then used the
vehicle to travel to and from work in the city. Whilst it was
in her custody and parked under the shade of a tree a branch
fell through the roof causing sever internal damage.

Mr Arther Davies of Carlton NSW obtained the vehicle next.
He was a service station owner and mechanic. He was also
a prominent dirt track motor cycle rider and travelled
throughout the eastern states competing in various dirt
track bike races. In 1972 he put it up on blocks, where it
remained for 27 years.

In 1999 Pam purchased it and gave it to me for my 60th. I
then attended the Lismore rally and immediately had to
carry out a number of repairs to get us home. At each rally
it would develop some different ailment requiring immediate
attention. The last straw occurred whilst enjoying a leisurely
jaunt with other members of the Victorian Packard club,
around Tasmania. The skirts of 3 pistons let go and
dropped into the sump. It also blew a head gasket.
Although battered and bruised it continued running, making
a lot of funny noises until reaching Devonport where I drove
it onto the “Spirit of Tasmania” ferry. Luckily for me this
was one of the last regular services to Sydney. I then had
the engine fully reconditioned and in 2008 the interior was
re-upholstered in Bedford cord.

I wonder what she will think of to do on this rally?
Rallies attended: 1996 Orange rally, 1999 Lismore
Centenary rally, 2001 Federation rally, 2002 The Outback
rally, 2005 Echuca Rich River run, 2007 Toowoomba top
of the range rally, 2009 Mittagong Southern Highlands,

1935 12th series