1934 1101 Victoria Coupe owned by David & Margaret Hayes

We called into visit Max Hood on the Central Coast in the
early nineties and were shown some of the magnificent
Packards he owned at the time. One of them being a 1934
Victoria Coupe which had just been completely restored.
We were so impressed by the car that we suggested to Max
that if the Packard ever became available for sale, we would
be most interested. In 1996 the car came on the market
and to our great pleasure we purchased the vehicle.
Since owning the Packard , the motor has been fully rebuilt
and a few cosmetic changes have been made. We have
enjoyed the many rallies which we have participated in and
are looking forward to joining fellow Packard enthusiasts
for the 2009 Southern Highlands 13th National Rally.

1934 1101