1933 1004 5 Passenger Coupe Owned by Robert Buchanan (California, USA)

The oldest car I own is this 1933 Packard 1004 5
Passenger Coupe. I bought in New Jersey in 1990.
The Packard was sold in Philadelphia in October '34. It
was Packard blue. It was restored in 1986 and '87 in North
Carolina. There was a bullet hole in the front bumper, and
I think it was well worn when it was restored.

I have driven it about 19,000 miles. The two longest trips
were from Fullerton, a suburb of Los Angeles, to Death
Valley, and From San Diego to Santa Rosa. It is still a high
point car. The only other Packard just like it came from
Canada and was owned by Barry Smith. Now Nelson
Taylor of Auckland has it.

1931 840