1926 426 Sedan (Mr. P) owned byBob & Yvonne Davis

Mr P lay in a pig yard on the Eyre Peninsular for many years. He had been cut into a ute years before. His axles had been removed for trailers, the radiator sold for scrap, and his
engine primer cups removed and connected in to water piping to use for pig squirters. His aluminium oil sump had been shattered by the jack used to remove the front axle The bonnet had been blown away and water got in the engine through the primer cup holes. His doors had fallen off. Mr. P was not a happy car.

Then along came Jim Ellis who put him on a nice trailer and took him to Adelaide. Now, Jim Ellis had friends called Bob & Yvonne who were looking for a car just like Mr. P. After
introductions and the appropriate period of courting, Mr. P accepted their proposal to come and live at their house. Bob & Yvonne were expecting a baby (to be called Kymberly) but, never the less set about to rectify poor Mr. P’s ailments. Kymberly was born and grew up in the environment of constant hammering and curses as fingers were stuck, things went wrong and new paint was chipped when it was not supposed to be.

In 1992 Mr. P was reborn. With new paint, new tyres and rebuilt everything, he undertook his first national rally and Bay to Birdwood in Adelaide. Subsequently, he became a favourite birthday car for growing daughter, wedding car for sister and close family friends and a true member of the
family. Mr. P won numerous trophies and did the family great honour. He is now retired (until next restoration) from competition but spends his life in a comfortable garage with several Packard Brothers

1826 426