This car belongs to David McCredie who bought it in very derelict condition in 1975 and restored it over a 10 year period completing it in time for the Packard rally to Mildura in 1985.  It has been on many long distance rallies since then and has always been the oldest Packard. The car has not been upgraded and is essentially  restored to original condition and runs remarkably well for such an old car.  Hopefully it will continue to do soon the run across to Mittagong its shortest national rally. It has a 6 cylinder engine of about 4.5 litres capacity.


Nothing is known of its history except that it was found by Barry Smith in north western NSW around 1970.  The wheels are Rudge Whitworth splined hub centre locking. The brakes are contracting bands on the rear wheels only. The Sport models are fairly rare and have a very different body to the 5 & 7 passenger tourers of the same year.


1922 packard

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